Wilson Evolution Basketball Review

Wilson Evolution Basketball

At Time of Posting $54.99




  • Very Grippy Composite Leather
  • Crazy Longevity
  • True Bounce
  • Good Sweat Absorption


  • 3 Weeks of Break in Time

It's Number #1 For a Reason

They used to say that Pistol Pete used to carry his basketball everywhere, even to the movies where he would dribble up and down the aisles. If I was as crazy as the Pistol himself, the Wilson Evolution would be my buddy for the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure that if the Evolution was around back in his day, he would have married it on the spot.


The grip factor on the Wilson Evolution is fantastic! The panels have deep grooves which makes it easy to palm even for a guy with my size hands. It uses micro-pebble touchpoints designed to stick to your fingers so you never lose your dexterity. It also is designed with a Cushion Core Carcass technology that makes the ball soft to catch and shoot. My only complaint about the grip is that the outer shell takes about 3 weeks to break in, due to the smooth surface that it receives from the factory.


The only word I can use to describe its bounce is soft . With the use of the Cushion Core, the ball rises and falls with an elegance that feels amazing in your hands. Even on a bad shooting day I can still usually retain my handle on the rock. Knocking down jumpers is actually a little bit easier with this ball as well. The Cushion Core definitely helps you get a couple of those rim rattlers to go down nicely which is always a great feeling.

This is my ball after about 9 months of use.

Sweat Absorption

On average, the Evolution does a pretty good job of absorbing sweat. Moisture wicking channels are used in this ball to help divert the majority of sweat droplets away from the surface. Its absorption properties are not as good as the bone dry Spalding TF-1000, but it keeps any game that is not being played by shirts and skins clean as a whistle.


The game ball that my old high school used to play with for games was a Wilson Evolution. That was back in 2013. I went back to visit the gym recently and found this ball still going strong! The feel is exactly the same after all these years and it brings back such fond memories. I would advise those of you who are looking to purchase this ball not to use it outside. It is strictly an indoor basketball and only lasted that long because of proper use on an indoor court.


This rock as of right now is my clear favorite to ball with and I’m not the only one. My dad bought me my first Evolution for my birthday because I was tired of using the YMCA’s crumby balls of the time. Within the first 1-2 months of me using the thing, 2 of my friends had purchased their own because they loved using it so much. Whenever we play, we always use the Evolution unless everyone forgot to bring theirs which never happens. The Wilson Evolution is an excellent choice for any baller that hoops inside to use and should be the American standard for all basketballs in the world regardless of what Spalding thinks.

Andrew Stoinski

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