Stephen Curry’s Masterclass Review

Stephen Curry's Masterclass

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  • Professional Filming for Total Learning Immersion
  • In-Depth Commentary on Steph's Own Plays
  • Question Forum
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook
  • 17 Deep Diving Video Lectures
  • Mental Preparation


  • Leaves You Begging for a Sequel!

Over the last half decade, the basketball world has been experiencing a terrible case of Curryidis. Everywhere you look you see little kids putting up half court shots, dribbling with tennis balls, and working on their jumpers till the sun goes down.

This fascination with Stephen Curry is no doubt due to the incredible shooting and ball handling abilities that seem to emanate from his willowy six-foot three frame. He’s the type of player everyone wants to be, but few become.

That was, until now…

In 2017, Stephen Curry partnered with the well re-known online teaching program, Masterclass. For those of you who don’t know, Masterclass is an online teaching platform that works with celebrities or field-specific professionals to deliver private lessons on a certain subject. 

Some of Masterclass’ more prominent figures include the likes of Steve Martin, Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Ramsey, and Spike Lee.

In my opinion, Masterclass is the most professional looking teaching platform that I have ever used. The skill at which they film and document their lessons is unparalleled and it really shows in this program.

What You Get

Immediately after the purchase of the program, you gain instant access to this menu screen that contains all of your available resources. Those resources include the lesson videos, a community to share your experiences with other students, a 54 pg. workbook, and an office where you can personally ask Stephen any question you like (the probability that he will end up responding to one of your specific questions is relatively low though as he most likely receives hundreds of messages a day).

Each instructional video usually ranges anywhere from 10-20 minutes and contains a downloadable PDF worksheet with illustrated graphics for practices on the go.

The Lessons

Now, I could go on for hours about each of Steph’s videos, but I’m not going to. Here I am just going to summarize what each lesson holds in store for you in a sentence or two. This way you don’t have to waste any of your time reading long paragraphs of useless information on a program that is very straightforward.

Lesson 1: Write Your Own Story

 The first instructional video doesn’t really focus on any training but more so gives you a look into Steph’s background and what pushed him to strive for greatness. 


Lesson 2: Shooting: Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics

The second video is really where the learning starts. Here, Stephen teaches the principles of BEEF, which stands for Balance, Elbow, Eyes, and Follow Through. 

There are some tips that Stephen gives in this lecture that I don’t necessarily agree with such as ten toes toward the rim, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Lesson 3: Form Shooting Practice

In lesson 3, Steph dives into one of his shooting form drills and why the basics are still so important to his game. He explains in detail the reasons for directional misses and how to correct them from a mechanical perspective.

Lesson 4: Shooting off the Catch


In this video, he stresses the importance of becoming a marksmen off the catch. Aspects like shot preparation and where to look when receiving the pass are all covered here.

Lesson 5: Ball-Handling: Foundations

In this lesson, Steph goes over the the foundations of a rock solid ball handler. Keys like moving the ball around your body vs. moving your body around the ball are covered along with his top 3 dribble moves for beating your defender in a pinch.

Lesson 6: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 1


In 2 part separation series, Steph teaches you how to integrate your ball handling foundations directly into your shot. This is when things really start to pick up pace as he begins to teach the secrets to that lightning .4 second release!

Lesson 7: Ball-Handling: On the Move

After Curry teaches you the fundamentals of getting into your shot in a timely manner, he begins to show you how to use your dribble moves on the fly so you can use them in a game. 

Lesson 8: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 2


Building on the skills learned in lesson 6, lesson 8 starts creating some of the more challenging drills in the course. The importance of footwork for this lesson cannot be overstated. The moves that Stephen will present to you will be very challenging as he continually reminds you to stay in a good “shooters balance”.

Lesson 9: Creating Space From Your Defender

This video will probably demand the most brain power out of you as it focuses on analyzing your defenders 3 main body positions in real-time to determine which dribbling countermoves to utilize.

Lesson 10: Film Session: Creating Space and Beating Your Defender


This is my favorite video out of the all 17! The center point for this video is the footage of Curry’s games. He shows a variety of clips from some of his more famous plays and breaks down the decisions he made for each situation. It is an excellent video for teaching students how to read the floor as a player rather than a fan.

Lesson 11: Ball Screens

The concepts presented in this lecture show you how to use and manipulate ball screens as a point guard. Over half of the offense in a game of basketball revolves around ball screens, so I’m really glad Curry decided to include a section on it in this program. 

Lesson 12: Film Session: Ball Screens

This segment is just like lesson 10 except that it is on ball screens. Here, Stephen analyzes his own footage to show you how he uses ball screens to help setup his teammates and himself for potential buckets. 

Lesson 13: Scoring at the Rim

In this video, Stephen teaches you how and when to use certain finishes around the basket. He discloses some of the thought processes he uses in some of his more iconic finishes like the scoop layup and wide runner which are particularly helpful for getting that nice shooter’s touch around the iron. 

Lesson 14: Off Screens: Curl, Pop, and Fade

One aspect of Curry’s game that makes him so deadly, is his ability to move without the ball. In lesson 14, Steph teaches you how to emulate this tactic by reading the defense without the ball so you can open up the defense for you and your teammates.

Lesson 15: Ball-Handling: Overloading


If you’re not ambidextrous, lesson 15 will be a struggle. As you can see from the picture, Stephen has you doing a variety of two ball dribbling drills along with some exercises that involve using a tennis ball. These can prove to be quite challenging.

Lesson 16: Pregame Preparation

A point that always seems to be forgotten in every basketball program is the strengthening of the brain. Preparing yourself physically for a game is just as important as preparing yourself mentally. Lesson 16 focuses on this issue and teaches you how to prime your body for optimum performance.

Lesson 17: Conclusion: The Journey Towards Perfection

In Stephen’s final lecture, he gives students a farewell by encouraging them to keep striving for greatness. He stresses the idea of constantly aiming to get better despite your circumstances.

In his final statements, Steph sends you off with this thought:

“I hope you learned a lot about the game, about me, and my journey. And I hope that you can take the knowledge, apply it to your own goals, and set goals for yourself. Know that you can achieve it, know that you need to put the time in, and it’s gonna be some hard work…It’s a never-ending journey. And I’m still on it.”


From the start of the course to the end of it, you can tell that Curry’s class really lives up to its brand name. The series is most definitely a masterpiece as it really combs over every minuscule detail on the offensive side of the floor.

I do wish that this program could have included one lecture on defense, but then again, defense really isn’t Steph’s thing.

Overall, Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring is one of the best programs I’ve ever bought. Maybe I’m biased because he is my favorite player to watch, but his in-depth analysis of the game and explanatory prestige make the videos so much fun to watch and learn from. 


Andrew Stoinski

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