Kobe Mentality 2 Review

Kobe Mentality 2

At Time of Posting= $129.95




  • Amazing Traction
  • Cushioning
  • Comfort/Fit
  • Breathability
  • Lockdown


  • Durability

One of My Personal Favorites

If someone ever wanted me to give them my top 3 sneakers of all time, this sneaker would come in at #2. Yes, it’s just that good. From the aesthetic appeal to the hall of fame like traction this pair of shoes are the kind that you don’t pass up on for the right price.


Phenomenal, just phenomenal. Herringbone traction is used once again and what do you know, you get (I have to say it one more time) PHENOMENAL traction! The way in which the grooves are designed allows for ample traction and promotes dust to slide right off. Bigger grooves equals less dust retention.


The Kobe Mentality 2 in my opinion has one the best fits that I’ve ever experienced. It uses Flyweave upper construction that gives the shoe flexibility with out sacrificing support. It uses a full length Lunarlon midsole that has become my favorite type of cushioning. The Lunarlon gives you the benefits of having a good court feel while also giving ample shock absorption. Choosing which shoe size fits your foot between brands is often a challenge for most people. In the Kobe Mentality 2’s case though, the sizing I believe is as true as they come. I wear a shoe size of 10.5 and these felt like almost every other 10.5 I’ve ever worn. 


You’ll hear no complaints from me when discussing the Mentality 2’s ventilation. The Flyweave is perfect for letting air come and go between your shoes and feet allowing heat to difuse through the mesh. If ventilation is a must for you, definitely give the Mentalities a try.


Whenever I go shopping for an item and find the one I want, I always ask myself the question, “How long will this last me?” My biggest complaint about the Kobe Mentality 2, is that the durability of both the traction and the upper shell leaves much to be desired. I bought my first pair a quarter of the way through my basketball season and realized that the toe portion developed a long cut running horizontally across the width of the shoe (see pic). The traction also stopped gripping dusty courts after about 6 months of use which was a great disappointment.

You can see on the toe of the right shoe a long tear. Also the heel cups have taken a real beating.


Lockdown on these shoes is probably not up to par with most people’s standards as they are accustomed to wearing high-tops that are meant to give full stable support. If you’re like me though, this pair delivers an adequate amount of security that makes me feel confident that they will not only stay on:

(R.I.P KD), but prevent me from rolling my ankle.


The Kobe Mentality 2 delivers the goods on multiple levels in my opinion. From its excellent traction, to its 9.03 OZ. lightweight design. It offers many colorways at a great price. If you like low tops and your ballin on a budget, these shoes are an excellent choice.

Andrew Stoinski

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