Coach Rocky’s Can’t be Guarded Scoring System

Coach Rocky's Can't Be Guarded Scoring System

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  • Very Thorough and Instructive Videos
  • Difficulty Progression
  • Mental Training
  • Downloadable PDFs

Defending the Can't Be Guarded Training System

If you have searched for basketball training tips online, you have probably come across the Youtube channel, ILoveBasketball TV. With almost 1.5 million subscribers on the platform, it is safe to say that the channel is well liked and must be doing something right. 

The creator, Coach Rock Ullah:


Is a former collegiate and professional basketball player who specializes in helping players of all ages to reach their full potential.

He has developed a number of basketball training programs over the years and his very first training program, The Can’t Be Guarded Scoring System, is one of his best sellers. Lets see how it holds up.

First Impressions

To be clear, the image you see above is not what the program actually is. The Can’t Be Guarded Scoring System is a digital download that you receive upon purchase so that you can access it immediately. This is a nice feature for athletes in other countries.

When you first login to the program, you are greeted with this home screen:

Besides the Priming the Body warm-up block, there are 4 other training blocks below itt hat all contain their own separate workouts.

  • The Rookie System
  • The All-Star System
  • The MVP System
  • The CBG System

As you would expect, the levels of difficulty within each training block increases with the superlatives. To complete each training regime, you have to perform the block’s 2 specific workouts 4 days out of the week with 3 days off in between. Here’s a screenshot of one of the schedules: 

What I like about this setup is that it forces you to continually repeat workouts even when you think you are ready to move on. Too many kids these days will just skip to the end because they think they’re ready for it. But in my experience, repeating the fundamentals is key to succeeding in anything, especially in sports. 

If you think you will get bored with workouts like this, don’t worry. As you progress in the program, the drills get tougher with the addition of more complex movements and ball handling sequences.

The Workouts

As it says in the title, the workouts in the CBG system are all offensively based, meaning that there is little to no defense being presented in the program (I mean it’s called the Can’t Be Guarded System for pete’s-sake, not the Can Guard Someone System!) 

You will see lots of exercises like the one below. The only difference is that coach rock puts a twist on all of these making them more challenging as you progress.

For example, the Mikan drill up above is changed later on in the program to a two ball Mikan so that your dexterity with both hands is being trained simultaneously. If you don’t think that drill sounds tough, I watched one of my high school juniors once struggle for about 5 minutes on just trying to get the required amount of makes.

The goal of each drill in the program is to focus on getting successful repetitions. So instead of just doing 10 crossovers with each hand, you have to COMPLETE 10 crossovers with each hand. 

I am a big proponent of this method as it promotes reaching goals that you set in your minds rather than just aiming to hit as many  shots as you can.


In the world of online training, the market is always chocked full of systems that supply you with physical drills for the body. But what about the mind? 

Often the most overlooked aspect of any basketball program is the discipline of the brain. The brain is just like any other muscle in the human body as it needs to be worked so that it doesn’t get flabby and turn to mush (well I guess it’s all ready mush).

In the context of a basketball game, the confidence that exists inside your mind is what needs to be strengthened. That’s where the Can’t Be Guarded system really shines brighter than other programs. It includes 3 audio podcasts straight from Coach Rock himself on how to have a killer mentality like Jordan and Kobe.

The workouts that this system provides are absolutely essential to any players bag of skills. But, if you don’t have the confidence to put those skills to use when it really counts, then none of it really matters.


Living in a world of instant gratification, most people want the results of a program like this in a matter of days. It doesn’t work like that.

It is a 16-week program that requires hard work and dedication to see the expected results.  Its principal teaching method is to build on the fundamental skills of basketball so that as you progress, it can integrate more complex skills to really improve your game. 

So if you’re thinking of trying this program, make sure you follow its schedule to a tee, as this is when optimum results are produced. What you put in is what you’ll get out.

It’s as simple as that…

Andrew Stoinski

If you want to learn more about the man behind the basket, check out my about page in the main menu.
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