C2C: The Rock Basketball Review

C2C The Rock Basketball

At Time of Posting $59.99




  • Out of the Box Wear
  • Very Grippy Composite Leather
  • Butyl Bladder for Air Retention
  • Deep Channel Pebble Design


  • Bounce

Everybody knows what The Rock is. No not the ex-pro-wrestler named Dwayne. I’m talking about that sick rubber ball made by C2C that’s actual name is The Rock.

Similar to the Wilson Evolution, The Rock is a composite leather basketball that aims to deliver game-like performance to its users.

I myself don’t personally own this ball, but I have used it many times throughout the years to make me comfortable enough to make a judgement call on it. 

Sweat Absorbtion

Solid. Much like the Evolution, The Rock uses deep pebble channels to help drain sweat and water away from the surface. Surprisingly enough, their design surpasses even Wilson’s. 

I am not sure if they used a slightly different blend of leather or just made the channels deeper, but you never truly feel it turn into a spitball. It is not quite as good as the TF-1000 in this area, but it still performs better than the Evolution.



The bounce of The Rock is a little off in my opinion. Maybe I’m just so used to the Evolution’s feel that I have never grown accustomed to it, but it just feels slightly flat or heavy in a way. 

You could try and fix this problem by pumping it up with some extra air, but over-inflating a ball can sometimes cause the bladder to malfunction leaving you with useless piece of leather.


After handling almost a brand new version of this ball, I think its safe to say that it requires less break in time then most other balls. 
Its soft and tactile feel is rougher out of the box than the likes of both the NBA Replica and Evolution. And it is this rustic more broken in feel that gives this ball the edge out of the starting gates, but not in the long run. 
Eventually other balls catch up to its broken-in feel and end-up surpassing it in terms of performance and touch.


Once again, this is strictly an indoor basketball and should be treated as such. Use it on a real court and it will last you for years. Use it outside, and you’ll probably won’t get more than one summer’d use out of it.


Overall, the C2C Rock delivers on its $59.99 price point. The only thing that held this ball back from ranking higher on my grading system was its bounce.

Even though you would probably get more shots to fall because of its slower recoil, the force that it takes to dribble it is more than what I believe to be average effort.

While I still don’t think it’s as good as the Evolution, it is still a very good choice for indoor league play.

Andrew Stoinski

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